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This Too Shall Pass

You would not be human if you didn’t experience some degree of fear at the direction of current events from time to time. The great achievement, at times like this, is simply not to give in to the fear. In a very real sense, our whole job is helping you toward that achievement.

Every bear market has its unique precipitating causes. This one’s seems to be inflation/interest rates. 

Neither I nor anyone else can predict when, where, or how this bear market will bottom out. We can only observe the historical fact that sooner or later, they all have. As long-term, goal-focused investors, we are given a choice: to be guided by the totality of the historical record, or by today’s catastrophic headlines. I choose history. My strong belief is that “This too shall pass”

Our mission continues: not to insulate you from short-to intermediate-term volatility, but to minimize your long term regret. The best way we know to do that is by encouraging you to stay the course.

Stay the course. As always, our team is here to help.






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