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Blessed Independence

As we approach the celebration of our independence as a nation, we want to take a moment and reflect on how truly blessed we are to live in this great nation in a time such as this. 

“America has the best hand ever dealt of any country on this planet today and ever,” Dimon said. “And Americans don’t fully appreciate what I’m about to say.”

He continued: “We have peaceful, wonderful neighbors in Canada and Mexico.  We have the biggest military barriers ever built called the Atlantic and the Pacific.  We have all the food, water, and energy we will ever need.  We have the best military on the planet and we will for as long as we have the best economy.  And if you’re a liberal, listen closely to me in that one.  OK, because the Chinese would love to have our economy.  We have the best universities on the planet.  There are great ones elsewhere, but these are the best.  We still educate most of the kids who start businesses around the world.  We have the rule of law, which is exceptional.  If you don’t believe me we can talk about Brazil, Russia…Venezuela, Argentina, China, India.  Believe me, it’s not quite there.  We have magnificent work ethic.  We have innovation from the core of our bones.  You can ask anyone in this room…It’s not just the Steve Jobs.  We’re the widest, deepest financial markets the world has ever seen.  I just made a list of these things.  Maybe I missed something.  It’s extraordinary.  It’s extraordinary.  And we have it today.”

  • JP Morgan Chase CEO Dimon, in an interview with Caryle Group CEO David Rubinstein

Every major news media outlet is determined to convince us otherwise.  We are bombarded daily with all the things going “wrong”, yet we have much going “right”.  Our team sincerely appreciates the confidence and trust our clients place in us to guide them in the pursuit of financial security.  We remain steadfast in our belief that ignoring the negative “headline news” and remaining focused on our disciplined, thoughtful approach yields the best long-term results.

All the best to you and your family for the balance of 2017.