Our Founder

Leroy Retires from Investment Planning after 45 Years

March 1, 2018

Career & Family

Leroy started the firm in 1973.  His long standing career was built on his passion for helping people and his love for the industry.  He developed a firm filled with his joyful spirit while promoting generosity. 

For the past 7 years, Leroy has had the opportunity to work with two of his four children, Bain and Lucy.  Lucy joined the firm in 2011 as Practice Manager.


From the Founder… 

After forty five years of offering investment planning, insurance, and annuity products, I have turned over the investment part of my business to my son, Bain. 

I am confident that Bain will do a wonderful job in helping clients with  investment planning.  He has been incredibly successful with his clients of which he has offered investment advice for the last 13 years. 

I have been truly blessed by the Lord in helping my clients with investments.  Thanks to them all for their trust and friendship.


Forever Grateful,

Leroy Nickels, Founder