Our Beliefs

“Money is a wonderful tool, yet a terrible master.”

Investment Philosophy

We believe in maintaining adequate cash to fund emergencies and short-term needs.  In order to meet our long-term goals, we will invest in a diversified portfolio.  We will not allow the temporary volatility of the markets to lead us into making emotional decisions; rather, we will remain focused on our long-term, thoughtful and objective plan. 


Mutual Trust

The only sustainable basis for a successful advisor/client relationship is mutual trust.  We propose to earn your trust by telling you the pure, undiluted truth, as we see the truth, all the time.


Mutual Respect

We believe that our clients' time is extremely valuable.  We strive to return all phone calls/emails in a timely fashion as well as being prepared and punctual for all meetings.  In the event that we are unable to be, you will be notified as soon as possible. We expect the same courtesy from our clients.




You may call us anytime for any reason.  Don't ever hesitate.  Next, we will certainly call you if and when something is going on that's important enough to require a decision of some sort.  Since we'll always be acting on a plan and never reacting to current events, this will rarely happen.  We will meet on an annual basis to review the plan and make sure the goals and/or family situation hasn't changed, to reinforce your commitment to the plan, and to measure the progress of the plan toward its goal.


Investor Behavior

The dominant factor in long-term, real-life financial outcomes isn't investment “performance;” it's investor behavior.  Our primary value to our clients is as a behavioral coach.



The economy, the markets, and the future relative performance of similar investments can't consistently be predicted, much less timed.   We can't and, therefore, don't time the markets.

“The market is the most efficient mechanism anywhere in the world for transferring wealth from impatient people to patient people.”- Warren Buffett


Market Uncertainty

The only “certainty” is uncertainty.  The markets are constantly moving from one uncertainty to the next.

“Among the four most dangerous words in investing are “It's different this time.'”- Sir John Templeton


Volatility Does Not Equal Risk

In a long term portfolio, volatility is not the same thing as risk, because all the historical declines have been temporary, while the advance of equity values have been permanent.  Expect an average intra-year decline of 15% every year and a decline of at least 30% every five years.  The only way to capture the full permanent return of equities is to be willing to sit through their full temporary volatility.

Long-term Optimism is the Only Realism




Householder Group Estate and Retirement Specialists, LLC advisors are Registered Representatives with and securities offered through LPL Financial, member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advice offered through Householder Group Estate and Retirement Specialists, LLC, a registered investment advisor. Householder Group Estate and Retirement Specialists, LLC and Nickels Wealth Management are separate and entities from LPL Financial.



No strategy ensures success or protects against a loss. Investing involves risk including potential loss of principal.